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elizabethsvines is a series of articles about wine, food and related interests written by a graduate of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Advanced Program who divides her time between Western Canada and Europe; that is SW France, Cyprus and the UK.

“I continue to increase my knowledge of wine and the wine sector through further education, seminars and tastings.  In 2013, I was invited to join the Confrerie Du Raisin D’Or de Sigoules in SW France.  Confreries are one of the organizations that are recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage supporting the gastronomique heritage of France.   Joining this Confrerie is an opportunity that I greatly appreciate and which enables me to experience and learn more about French culture.

I’ve recently completed a Wine and Food pairing course (2021) which has expanded my knowledge and I have previously taken Wine Sensory courses to develop my tasting ability.

For me, wine opens the door to a number of areas of interest including history, food, culture, travel, science and, of course,  new people and…fun!   Writing about wine, food and related topics is an enjoyable and stimulating interest and challenge, an ongoing learning opportunity and a bridge to connecting with people, sharing these experiences and opening doors.”


Unless otherwise attributed, all photos are taken by the writer.

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  1. Hello Elizabeth – it was a pleasure to meet you at last night’s FictionKNITstas event in Vancouver. This is a delightful blog – you’re clearly a woman with a wealth of knowledge and happy tastebuds. I think that my protagonist, Cait Morgan, would enjoy meeting you!

  2. Great to see you again at the gathering in Chester. Old friends and some old wines to match: Bucellas, Calcavellas and Mountain topped by old Hock matched to one delightful plate after another! I will follow your blog with great interest as I too climb the WSET exam ladder.

    • Hello. Thank you for your question. Not sure where you are based but if in the region, I believe you can buy these glasses at the Maison des Vins in Bergerac, situated by the Dordogne River I will double check and let you know for sure. Elizabethsvines

  3. Hi Elizabeth, I can see that you’ve written previously about the wines from BC which is great to hear. We import wines from Le Vieux Pin, La Stella and Tantalus (as well as Cave Spring and Tawse in Ontario). Do you know them? Getting great feedback from sommeliers and consumers thing the wines for the first time. Good luck with the blog, please get in touch if you would like to write more about the great wines from the Okanagan

  4. Thanks Elizabeth for your latest posting and video at the Confrerie. It tells me a little bit more about how your passion for wine evolves. For my part I make a presentation last evening on Madeira wines. I hope to visit again soon. And later this month is the Wine Society Bordeaux tasting at Lords – in the pavillion of course not on the pitch, Keep it coming I enjoy hearing of your ventures.

  5. Hello Elizabeth,

    Congratulations on starting your blog – fascinating and packed with information … Why don’t you give a talk at one of the DLC lunches ? I’m sure everyone would enjoy it !


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