Photographs tell the story: remembering Châteaux and winery visits.

Photographs can be a great distraction:  enjoyable, sometimes surprising and inevitably stacked with memories.   When recently ‘decluttering’ an attic full of memorabilia and photos it was difficult not to be become absorbed in looking  at the old photos.   Subsequently, I looked at my blog photo collection and found myself reminiscing about various Châteaux and wine related visits.   Here are several photos that remind me of those times.

Every photo represents a story to me and I am grateful to many people for making these wine related visits possible.

Happy Spring!   Vancouver is looking beautiful in warm, sunny, springtime weather.    I hope it’s similar wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “Photographs tell the story: remembering Châteaux and winery visits.

  1. Thanks Liz, i love the image of dormant vine and frosty grass. Full of promise for the vintage to come. Just back from NZ and now see that the 2018 Marlborough Sauvignon’s are appearing on wines lists. What we discovered is the boutique wines are sold onlky at the cellar door. If you want to go beyond Whither Hills, Villa Maria and indeed Cloudy Bay you have to tread the soil and visit. All a long story awaiting the telling. Cheers.


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