February: Romance and Wine

In an uncertain world, I like to remember that February has long been the month to celebrate romance and love.

Since the Middle Ages and more particularly since Victorian times, St Valentine, Cupid and Aphrodite have been celebrated with romantic cards and images of hearts; like this wooden heart made by the Heart Man and placed on the beach in Vancouver.

Not only do we celebrate love and romance with hearts, roses and chocolates but also with champagne!

This year we celebrated with a half bottle of Billecart-Salmon Champagne.     This is in keeping with my interest in smaller bottles with high quality wines.    Billecart-Salmon is a small champagne house started in the 1880s, is still run by the family in Mareuil sur Ay and has a devoted following among champagne aficionados.   One quote is that…“Billecart Salmon is perhaps the best representative of a Champagne house that has chosen finesse over brute strength.”

We discovered Billecart-Salmon on a wine tour of the Champagne region in 2013.     Here are two photos from that visit including the line up of champagne bottles we sampled during a tasting.


here is our half bottle (375ml) of Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne 12.0%alc./vol.

Champagne is so often the wine choice of romance.

Above all in today’s world,   let there be love.


2 thoughts on “February: Romance and Wine

  1. Lovely posting. As I sits the Chaffinch sings calling for a mate and Robins already have a nest. We go in search of leeks to celebrate not St Valentine but St David and clear the eggs with pancakes in readiness for Lent. À bientôt.

    • Such a lovely comment on my blog post. Thank you. I really appreciated it and all the images. We always celebrated St David’s Day when I was growing up with leeks and also daffodils – to this day I love the scent of daffodils and they always remind me of St David’s Day and Welsh cakes.

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